The first family study from American Blackout: The Preppers

The first family study from American Blackout: The Preppers

Why am I going with the prepper family first? Because they are the easiest. I want to get them out of the way. Why were they the easiest? Because they made the fewest mistakes and were ultimalty the best prepared family in the group.

Mistake One:

The first mistake that they made was not getting to know their neighbors in the bug out area. This was a detrimental mistake that could have cost them everything. And, had the power not come back on when it did, who knows what would have happened. There is strength in numbers. If they were friendly with the neighbors before hand, they could have had a secure compound and deleted any threat that came to them.

Mistake Two:

Bringing the daughter’s idiot boyfriend. I think that was an act of desperation because he wanted his daughter to go with him without a fight. Also, he thought that the kid would be of some help to him. He was, after all, a teenager who was older than his son. The problem, was that he wasn’t familiar with the structure of a bug out location. So, he got there and thought he could just give away the family’s food. Big mistake in the land of prepping. Personally, I have no problem with giving food away. Because the key to proper preparedness is having food that you can grow or hunt, in addition to the food that you have in storage.

Mistake Three: 

This one kinda involves the other two. I can’t stress enough how important it is that everyone be on the same page, and that the more people you have, the better off you’ll be. Other than the husband, the family had no other leaders. For a survival situation to work, your group needs to have a hierarchy of leadership. The father was the most experienced in the group. But after him, there was nobody else. The wife had no clue what she was doing. Big mistake. In the Marine Corps, if your commanding officer is taken out, the senior most SNCO is given duty. And then it goes down the line from there.

Mistake Four:

The father left his family to save the fuel. He already had the upper hand, so there was no reason for him to leave. He had enough food to survive for years in the bunker, and yet he left. Because he was by himself, he stood no chance whatsoever of scaring the thieves away. His best bet would have been to stay put. The other guys had food and fuel. They would likely leave without ever discovering his bunker. Instead, he put his whole family at risk when he left them alone. The better idea would have been to have fuel in a different location, hidden. And if not that, then the last straw would have been to bug out on foot to another spot. He had those other bug out bags that would have kept them each alive for another two weeks. They could’ve figured something else out from there.

The take away from the prepper family is that you should have food, water and shelter away from the chaos. They didn’t really have enough water, but being that they were in the middle of the woods, hopefully there was a stream nearby. They did good with their food, at least for canned food. But, they lacked in their network of who they could trust. In any situation where survival is necessary, security also becomes an issue. So having people you can trust is key.

Furthermore, their only security team was the father and the young son–who was forced to give up the food. While they were the most prepared group in the show, they still failed. Stay tuned as we go through the show and discover what they should have done differently.

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