Homemade fruit fly trap for the homesteader: A solution for your organic fruit and veggie stowaways.

Homemade fruit fly trap for the homesteader: A solution for your organic fruit and veggie stowaways.

Chances are pretty good that if you’re a homesteader, you eat natural or organic foods. If you grow them on your own property, you likely don’t use pesticiceds or other chemicals to keep the bugs away. If that is you, than you have a problem. There are these little annoying bugs that come inside with your fruit and veggies that love to fly around every which way. The problem with these little bugs is that they multiply like rabbits, and they are hard to swat because they are so tiny.

We try to eat organic food as often as possible, and our garden isnt’ that large yet, so we were still buying our veggies as of this past year. Hopefully next year, we can move on from that and start eating all of our own stuff. But, like I said, there were these little bugs that we just couldn’t get rid of. We have always purchased organic food from the local farmer’s market, and we love the fact that we can support local farming and have the freshest food possible.

In reality, you don’t know what you’re eating anymore. Scientists have destroyed food beyond anything imaginable, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. So, we buy locally, and only from guys who are organic. We don’t need to buy food that resembles what it once was, only to find out that it isn’t pure anymore. In fact, it is laced with all kinds of ingredients and proteins from different plants, and even animals.


So, we put up with the fruit flies. Well, we used to. We stumbled upon this awesome little fruit fly trap at the local hardware store. It worked wonders. But, those little suckers ain’t cheap. And, they didn’t last all that long.

So, we set out to make our own. Actually, my wife figured out how to do it. Flies love sweet stuff. And, well, I guess they love sour stuff to. They’ll poop on anything. So, here is what you’ll need:

  • A cup to hold your concoction
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Fruit
  • Plastic wrap

The steps are simple. Pour the vinegar about half way up the cup. Add a tablespoon or so of sugar and a sliver of fruit. Cover the top of the cup with plastic wrap and poke a couple of small holes in it. Note that the holes should be just big enough for a fruit fly to climb into. Once they get inside, they can’t escape because they are high on vinegar. Eventually, they fall to the bottom and die.

This is a cheaper remedy than buying the fruit fly traps at the store because you’d spend the same amount of money, but you can use it for years to come. Over and over again. We used a baby cup that our son has grown out of, partly because we like to re-purpose things. That is a part of homesteading, after all. Plus, we were too cheap to just go buy a cup dedicated just to the fruit fly trap.

The picture above is the entire summer’s worth of dead bugs. It’s been out for months and we just leave it out just in case we bring in any fruit flies. All you have to do is put it by your fruit bowl because that is the most likely spot where they will feed and breed. Voila, a home made fruit fly trap for the homesteader.

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