American Blackout: The Aftermath, and Hopefully what You have Learned

Did you watch that show on NATGEO? It was hard to watch. The camera was shaky and the dialogue was horrible. But, I think that is what they were going for. But, that wasn’t the only reason why the show was hard to watch. I honestly think that if we are ever put into that sort of situation, we, as a country, would be screwed.

The premise of the show is that a cyber attack renders America helpless and without power. And, the truth of the matter is that America would cease to function after only days without power. The threat is actually very real. Maybe not on that large of a scale, but can you imagine what would happen if just half of the country lost power?

Chaos. Complete and utter chaos.

After hurricane Sandy decimated the east coast, many areas were without power for weeks. Thankfully, there were pockets of areas that had power. So, if you needed fuel for your generator, you could go get it.

The main disturbing truth behind the show:

What did you learn from watching this show? Hopefully, you learned something. Hopefully you learned that the US government is not only incapable of handling such and event, but they are also preparing you for it to happen. Read between the lines here. Inevitably, something bad is on its way. Nobody knows what it is, except for God and the people getting ready to cause it–if it is in fact going to be man-made.

So what do you take away from all of this? Get ready. Get ready now. Because you never know what will happen. How do you get ready? Do research. Follow this blog because the resources you’ll learn here are invaluable. There is no fluff, at all .You get the facts of survival. Over the next few posts, I’m going to dissect the idiocy of each family in the American Blackout show. We’ll go over what went well, and what was complete stupidity.

Stay tuned, folks. Because what you’re about to learn, could save your life.

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